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    Software Development

    You need special software applications in your industrial environement or fast data aquisition, we are your partner for a good solution.

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    Hosting Services

    You want to outsource your servers. We help you to find the best solution and can support you with our own server structure.

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    When you have problems with your IT infrastructure, we help you to find the way out of the darkness.

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    You need desicion support for your extension or exchange of your IT infrastructure? We help you to find a good solution.

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    Hardware Development

    For special hardware development when upgrading old hardware, we find and build the needed replacement components.

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    Control Systems Development

    For high accurate motion control or special komplex movements we develp the necessary control system.


  • Cutting optimization for maximal yield in flat glass production lines cutting for automotive-, mirror-, window ceran cooking fields and display glass production based product dimensions and on punctial defects positions and thickness distribution glass ribbon.
  • Cutting optimization in glass/ceran plate recutting based on product dimensions and defect position formaximal yield
  • Flatness determination and classification of ceran cooking fields based on thickness- and level profiles in plates.
  • VisionApp to ensure correct placement of sheeds in automotive stamping lines with big sheets and fast plate rate (4s for 4000mm x 2000mm with 1mm resulution)
  • Optimization of production sequence and production lots in SMD-print production to reduce setup-time and keeping track of manual operations and delivery time.
  • Supervision system (Byflow) including sheet tracking and stockmanagment for flat-glass cutting line in insulation glass production.
  • Supervision system and stock manangement and ordering system for production stock system with interface to SAP
  • Supervision sytem an control system for tube pickling line with variable pickling procedures with integrated process control and logging functions


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Our Values

We provide our partners creative solutions at fair conditions, as good solutions are clear, inovative and sometimes stunningly simple.