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    Software Development

    You need special software applications in your industrial environement or fast data aquisition, we are your partner for a good solution.

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    Hosting Services

    You want to outsource your servers. We help you to find the best solution and can support you with our own server structure.

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    When you have problems with your IT infrastructure, we help you to find the way out of the darkness.

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    You need desicion support for your extension or exchange of your IT infrastructure? We help you to find a good solution.

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    Hardware Development

    For special hardware development when upgrading old hardware, we find and build the needed replacement components.

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    Control Systems Development

    For high accurate motion control or special komplex movements we develp the necessary control system.


We develop for our customers control systems for high precision printing machines, online cutting machines for float lines based on SIMOTION controls as for:

  • Cutting control for accurate cutting of glass ribbon in display-glass and special glass production
  • Control system for high presicion printing machines in functional printing as the C650 from NSM with variable printing station (as flexo-, gravure- and screen-printing)

In addition we adapt the PLC line control systems for extensions and/or functional extensions of the line or the supervision system to keep the interfaces between PLC and supervision system small and smart.




Mipec AG
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Our Values

We provide our partners creative solutions at fair conditions, as good solutions are clear, inovative and sometimes stunningly simple.